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Teach for America Alabama's
10-Year Anniversary Celebration!
Celebrate 10 years with us! On March 11, 2021 at 5:30 PM, you are cordially invited to join us as we celebrate a decade's worth of service to Alabama's children.

Ten years ago, Alabama recieved its first group of Corps Members, a small but mighty group of 30 teachers who served in Alabama's Black Belt region. Since then, hundreds of leaders have joined the program, coming from all corners of the country to serve in schools and communities across the state of Alabama.

Our alumni made a powerful and lasting impact for Alabama's youth, and have largely continued on to advocate for educational equity long after they have completed their initial two-year commitment. We have seen them stay in classrooms and assume educational leadership roles at the school, district and state level. We've seen them run for public office, create nonprofit organizations to address needs they noticed from their classroom experiences, or work for non-profit organizations driven to ensure equal access to education. We celebrate their success inside and outside of the classroom, and we appreciate all of the work they continue to do in pursuit of achieving educational equity for all.

Leading up to this event, we invite you to read their stories on our social media accounts (linked at the right), or see the many individuals who have participated in Teach for America Alabama and invested their time and talents in ensuring that One day, all of Alabama's children will have access to an excellent education.

Thank you for supporting Teach for America Alabama.
The free, virtual event will be taking right here, on this page! Open this page in your browser up to fifteen minutes before the event starts to be taken to a live stream of the evening's program.
Please register for this virtual event ahead of time by clicking here. The event is free, and we welcome all who are interested to attend. We hope you will also invite your community to participate by sharing this link with them. The more, the merrier! You may choose to invite your community by directing them to this page, or signing up to be a table host to send digital invitations direct to their inbox.
For information regarding the event, assistance with RSVPing, or all things related to technical help, please contact Liz Kurtz at elizabeth.kurtz@teachforamerica.org.

Featured Speakers

Congresswoman Terri Sewell
US House of Representatives, Alabama's 7th District
Wendy Kopp
Founder, Teach for America
J.W. Carpenter
Former Executive Director of Teach for America Alabama
Khadijah Abdullah
Former Executive Director of Teach for America Alabama
Damon Bailey, Executive Director of Teach for America Alabama Damon Bailey
Executive Director of Teach for America Alabama
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